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Sarita Adve's Research Group
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Sarita's Picture Sarita V. Adve    


Current graduate students

  Radha Venkatagiri Abdulrahman's Picture Abdulrahman Mahmoud

Past Collaborators

Vikram's Picture Vikram Adve YY's Picture Yuanyuan Zhou
  Helia Naemi    


Graduated Ph.D. students

Siva's Picture Siva Kumar Sastry Hari, Ph.D. 2013  
Ph.D. thesis:  Preserving Application Resiliency on Unreliable Hardware
First employment: NVIDIA Research
Swarup's Picture Swarup Kumar Sahoo, Ph.D. 2012  
Ph.D. thesis:  A Novel Invariants-Based Approach for Automated Software Fault Localization
First employment: Post-Doc at UIUC
Pradeep's Picture Pradeep Ramachandran, Ph.D. 2011  
Ph.D. thesis:  Detecting and Recovering from In-core Hardware Faults through Software Anomaly Treatment
First employment: Intel Corporation
Alexs' Picture Man-Lap (Alex) Li, Ph.D. 2009  
Ph.D. thesis:  SWAT: Designing Resilient Hardware by Treating Software Anomalies
First employment: Assistant Professor at The George Washington University