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Matt Sinclair

Graduate Student, Computer Architecture mdsincl2 'at' illinois 'dot' edu

Professional Interests:
Computer Architecture, Processor Microarchitecture, Memory Consistency, Cache Coherence, Memory Systems, Mobile Computing, Parallel Algorithms

I am a fifth-year graduate student in the CS Department, where I work with Professor Sarita Adve in her RSim Research Group.

B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  December 2009.
B.S. Computer Science with Honors, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  December 2009.
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Wisconsin, Madison.  May 2011.

Degree Goals:
PhD. Computer Science (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, May 2017.

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