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Matt Sinclair

Graduate Student, Computer Architecture mdsincl2 'at' illinois 'dot' edu

Professional Interests:
Computer Architecture, Processor Microarchitecture, Memory Consistency, Cache Coherence, Memory Systems, Mobile Computing, Parallel Algorithms

I am a sixth-year graduate student in the CS Department, where I work with Professor Sarita Adve in her RSim Research Group. I am on track to graduate at the end of this academic year and will be looking for academic and/or industry employment soon!

B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  December 2009.
B.S. Computer Science with Honors, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  December 2009.
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Wisconsin, Madison.  May 2011.

Degree Goals:
PhD. Computer Science (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, May 2017.

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