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Matt Sinclair

Graduate Student, Computer Architecture mdsincl2 'at' illinois 'dot' edu

Research Interests:
Computer Architecture, Processor Microarchitecture, Memory Consistency, Cache Coherence, Memory Systems, Mobile Computing, Parallel Algorithms

I am a graduate student in the CS Department, where I work with Professor Sarita Adve in her RSim Research Group. I am currently on the job market and am interested in both academic and industry opportunities.

My research focuses on building efficient memory hierarchies for tightly coupled heterogeneous systems, especially for emerging applications like graph analytics applications and applications with fine-grained synchronization. My work improves performance and energy efficiency for these applications by designing more efficient coherence protocols, consistency models, and memory organizations. Two of my papers on this topic were recognized as IEEE Micro Top Picks Honorable Mentions. I have also received several fellowships and awards for my work, including a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, two Mavis Future Faculty Fellowships, a Feng Chen Memorial Award, and W.J. Poppelbaum Award, and Saburo Muroga Fellowship. I was also selected to attend and present a poster on this work at the 2016 Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  December 2009.
B.S. Computer Science with Honors, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  December 2009.
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Wisconsin-Madison.  May 2011.

Degree Goals:
PhD. Computer Science (Concentration: Computer Architecture), University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, May 2017.

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