Sarita Adve's Research Group
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Sarita's Picture Sarita V. Adve  





Current graduate students

Radha's Picture Radha Venkatagiri Abdulrahman's Picture Abdulrahman Mahmoud
Huzaifa's Picture Muhammad Huzaifa Gio's Picture Giordano Salvador
Wes's Picture Wes Darvin Weon's Picture Weon Taek Na


Current collaborators

Vikram's Picture Vikram Adve (UIUC) Darko's Picture  Darko Marinov
Sasa's Picture  Sasa Misailovic Chris's Picture  Christopher W. Fletcher
Pradip's Picture  Pradip Bose Alper's Picture  Alper Buyuktosunoglu
Siva's Picture  Siva Hari


Graduated Ph.D. students

John's Picture John Alsop, Ph.D. 2018  
Ph.D. thesis:  Specialization Without Complexity in Heterogeneous Memory Systems
First employment:  AMD Research
Matt's Picture Matthew Sinclair, Ph.D. 2017  
Ph.D. thesis:  Efficient Coherence and Consistency for Specialized Memory Hierarchies
First employment:  Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hyojin's Picture Hyojin Sung, Ph.D. 2015  
Ph.D. thesis:  DeNovo: Rethinking the Memory Hierarchy for Disciplined Parallelism
First employment:  IBM Research
Rakesh's Picture Rakesh Komuravelli, Ph.D. 2014  
Ph.D. thesis:  Exploiting Software Information for an Efficient Memory Hierarchy
First employment:  Qualcomm Research
Siva's Picture Siva Kumar Sastry Hari, Ph.D. 2013  
Ph.D. thesis:  Preserving Application Resiliency on Unreliable Hardware
First employment: NVIDIA Research
Pradeep's Picture Pradeep Ramachandran, Ph.D. 2011  
Ph.D. thesis:  Detecting and Recovering from In-core Hardware Faults through Software Anomaly Treatment
First employment: Intel Corporation
Alexs' Picture Man-Lap (Alex) Li, Ph.D. 2009  
Ph.D. thesis:  SWAT: Designing Resilient Hardware by Treating Software Anomalies
First employment: Assistant Professor at The George Washington University
Jerry's Picture Xiaodong (Jerry) Li, Ph.D. 2008
Ph.D. thesis:  Soft Error Modeling and Analysis for Microprocessors
First employment: Deutsche Bank
Jayanth's Picture Jayanth Srinivasan, Ph.D. 2006  
Ph.D. thesis:  Lifetime Reliability Aware Microprocessors
First employment: McKinsey and Company
Ruchira's Picture Ruchira Sasanka, Ph.D. 2005  
Ph.D. thesis:  Energy Efficient Support for All Levels of Parallelism for Complex Media Applications
First employment: Intel Corporation
Chris' Picture Christopher J. Hughes, Ph.D. 2003
Ph.D. thesis:  General-Purpose Processors for Multimedia Applications: Predictability and Energy Efficiency
First employment: Intel Microprocessor Research Labs
Vijay's Picture Vijay S. Pai, Ph.D. 2000 (Rice University
Ph.D. thesis:  Exploiting Instruction-Level Parallelism for Memory System Performance
First employment: Assistant Professor at Rice University
Partha's Picture Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Ph.D. 2000 (Rice University), 
Ph.D. Thesis: General-Purpose Architectures for Media Processing and Database Workloads
First employment: Compaq Western Research Laboratory

Graduated M.S. students

Khalique Ahmed, M.S. 2018

Lin Cheng, M.S. 2017

Robert Smolinski, M.S. 2013

Vibhore Vardhan, M.S. 2004

Ritu Gupta, M.S. 2004

Rohit Jain, M.S. 2002

Praful Kaul, M.S. 2000

Murthy Durbhakula, M.S. 1998

Hazim Abdel-Shafi, M.S. 1997

Tracy Harton, M.E.E. 1997

Jonathan Hall, M.S. 1996

Past visiting students and undergraduate students

Sean Nicolay

Paul Adamczyk

Apurva Jantrania

Joshua Paul

Chanik Park

Dennis Geels

Michael Simon

Khoa To

Tracy Harton

Mathew Dumm