Approximate Computing
Sarita Adve's Research Group
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Sarita's Picture Sarita V. Adve    


Current graduate students

Rahul's Picture Rahul Singh    

Current Collaborators

Vikram's Picture Vikram Adve Darko's Picture  Darko Marinov
Sasa's Picture  Sasa Misailovic Chris's Picture  Christopher W. Fletcher
Siva's Picture  Siva Hari


Graduated Ph.D. students

Abdulrahman's Picture Abdulrahman Mahmoud, Ph.D. 2020  
Ph.D. thesis:  Towards Scalable and Specialized Application Error Analysis
First employment:  Postdoc Researcher at Harvard University
Radha's Picture Radha Venkatagiri, Ph.D. 2020  
Ph.D. thesis:  Democratizing Error-Efficient Computing
First employment:  Assistant Professor at Oregon State University
Siva's Picture Siva Kumar Sastry Hari, Ph.D. 2013  
Ph.D. thesis:  Preserving Application Resiliency on Unreliable Hardware
First employment: NVIDIA Research

Graduated M.S. students

Khalique Ahmed, M.S. 2018